Great piece by Paul Ford over on Track Changes entitled Against Storytelling:

… at some level you have to acknowledge that the things that really work just don’t have to try as hard as things that don’t. Or to put it even more simply: The best-designed stuff doesn’t tell you some high-minded story; it just gets out of the way, and lets you tell your own damn story.

This is the essence of our time. Whether it is products or politics, almost everyone* has seemingly become bored with the natural order of things and now seek to unnecessarily abstract, redefine and recraft everything they touch. They abandon The Way in search of something new and as a result, most products, solutions, and experiences in the marketplace have become lifeless, hollow caricatures of existence that consistently disappoint in all the little ways that matter.

* Yes, even Apple - this is why the new MacBook Pros were so critically eschewed. However, this is also why the AirPods are so universally loved, with people saying "This is Apple at its finest."