This evening, our president of 8 years, Barack Hussein Obama, said goodbye to a thankful nation as they chanted their legally impossible desires for "4 more years! 4 more years!". Standing in Chicago where his journey began, he spoke of the need to face our nation's future challenges head-on together as we remain vigilant and mindful of past, unfinished work. And then, as he thanked his wife Michelle and spoke to how much he loved his best friend and partner, our president had to wipe tears from his eyes. He looked directly into her eyes as he told the world very clearly and very directly how much he has appreciated her support, her hard work with their children (and our nation's), and the sacrifices she has made over the last few years so that he could fulfill his dream.

This is what equality looks like. This is what true respect and partnership looks like. Day-in, day-out making life work together, whether you greet the sun from your double-wide trailer with freezing water pipes or from the veranda of your big white mansion surrounded by secret service.

Let's be clear: This woman was called a monkey mere weeks ago. She's been lambasted repeatedly for her efforts to help childhood obesity. She's had to endure a barrage of very personal attacks as she watched her husband fight for acknowledgement — not only as duly elected President of the United States, but as an American, as a man, as a black man, a Christian, and most fundamentally as a human being. Somehow, for around 3000 days, Michele Obama found the will to face each and every day with smile, to garden with kids, and, perhaps most astonishingly, attend hundreds of events eating dinner and speaking to the very people who have worked as hard as they possibly could to push her family to the back of the bus where they belong. It takes true strength to do that without clawing each and every last one of those motherfuckers' eyes out with a butter knife.

NOW, WHEREAS HERETOFORE, AND HENCEFORTH, in 10 days, our soon-to-be president, Donald Trump, will move into the White House on his own with his daughter. His wife Melania has elected to remain in their giant tower in New York City with their younger son. While I do not begrudge her decision to do so as a mother and as an independent woman, it feels remarkably prescient.

To briefly review, we've heard Mr. Trump speak deplorably of grabbing women in their pussy as he pleases because he is powerful and rich and women love that sort of thing. When forced to explain his comments, he dismissed them as locker room talk as politicians distanced and his supporters circled the wagons. Mr. Trump has repeatedly abused his fortunes and various public platforms to speak deplorably about women with whom he worked, about women who have challenged him in business, about his ex-wife, about women who stood strong and were not afraid of him, even about female reporters who drew the short straw in a national debate and dared to ask him some questions he did not like.

When and how has President Obama spoken of Rosie O'Donnell or any other woman with such hate and vitriol? When was the last time President Barack Hussein Obama spoke about a reporter or any other woman bleeding out her wherever? When was the last time President Barack Hussein Obama spoke of his daughters and the missed opportunity for incest? When is the last time, do you think, Barack Hussein Obama grabbed a woman in her pussy without permission, let alone spoke about it as being his for the taking? For that matter, when was the last time Barack Hussein Obama stood on the national stage and flailed his limbs as he mocked a disabled reporter on television? Did he humorously re-enact Osama Bin Laden's final death throes? Do you think he strutted around the oval office like an angry little white Dylan Roof as the man was sentenced to death today?

As President Trump takes office, millions of women will be in our nation's streets to remind both him and our elected Congressional leadership currently suckling at his breast that women have value, that they have contributed greatly to the success of this country, and that they absolutely expect to be treated as equals and with respect.

Say what you want about his policies, there is much for criticism and debate there. But President Barack Hussein Obama of the United States of America has been and remains a class act. His wife is an amazing woman and an equally class act, perhaps classier and stronger than even he is.

Trump is just act, no class.

Such contrast.

Such. Astounding. Fucking. Contrast.

So sad.