There are a lot of cogent analyses in this clip.

Michelle Norris: MAGA carries deeply encoded promise of white prosperity

I wanted to highlight a couple of them in this post:

Retrograde. This is probably the single most depressing thing about this election cycle. Nothing either party candidate said moved the country forward. America's fundamental identity has never been about going back or digging into the past for better times. This is probably the most dangerous signal broadcast from our politics over the last year.

I will be seriously focused on rejecting and fighting this backward in 2017 and beyond. If we can't arrest this mental downturn, it will become increasingly impossible to address any of the other issues that need to be addressed.

Upscoping. Go back and watch the part where Michele talks about the notion of "again" and what it means to people of color and what it means to other (largely white) people. Right after she speaks, the white guy in clear glasses does something that really bothered me: He upscoped her statement to include other groups of people.

I am increasingly upset by this liberal analogue of "All Lives Matter." This behavior is part of the retrograde thinking that needs to stop if we are to move forward.

Here's some of what bothers me about it:

It is dismissive: he brushed aside specific concerns and substituted her problem for a different one.

It is frustrating: this pattern repeats often - someone acknowledges your concerns and then immediately substitutes it with their own version, which means your problems are repeatedly not addressed or solved.

It is insulting: it is deeply insulting for people to redirect your truth about something that affects you deeply and personally to something else that they think is more important.

It is selfish: This misguided effort on the part of allies is more about their feeling included rather than being an ally. Allies listen, provide feedback, support, and help out, not sell pull out a pole so they can fit under your tent.

The best immunization against future Trumps is for the 52-some-odd percent to stop commiserating and instead focus on and demonstrate meaningful progress on tractable problems.