I've had it with iTunes. Completely and utterly had it.

It's dead to me.

I'm not interested in being the family IT guy who makes Apple's shitty software work right. I wouldn't do it for Dell's crap-ware laden Windows installs. And I won't do it, not even and perhaps most especially for Apple.

High ground, low ground, it's the same, it's worse, it's cleaner, it's uglier: Lots has been said about Apple's software lately. But you know what I think the real problem is?

I am tired of needing Apple's software to be there for me, only to let me down.

I've fought hard for you, iTunes. I've spent hours organizing, working, selling, architecting, buying storage... Just to keep you in our home because I believed you were just transitioning and would eventually "get there." I've spent way more energy on this than it feels like you deserve right now.

You've let me down. And the only person I can blame for that, now, after release 9. Release 10. Release 11. Release 12.... is ME. You're Lucy and I'm Charlie Brown.

I just want to listen to music. My wife just wanted to play some music.

Apple, you used to understand this. Now, it's clear that you would rather cede simplicity to Rdio, Spotify, or God forbid, Amazon than own this and do something about it. I get it, it's complicated. Books, music, apps, videos, rentals, cloud. It's complex. But that is all on you, now, to figure out. Good luck with that.

$ sudo rm -Rf iTunes.app