Listening to Cat Stevens on the documentary show Soundbreaking just now talking about the challenge of managing his own sound in his recordings. Many producers wanted to add lush accompaniment or in some other way remold his sound in their vision. He let his producer go and went in search of someone who would be happy to present him singing and playing his music how he envisioned.

I have tried to remember to post more regularly here, but all-too-often have let it fall by the wayside in favor of allowing convenience and expedience coax me into allowing someone (or, after laying them off and replacing them with an algorithm) something else decide when and who should see what I have to say.

Our voices are our own. Our content is ours. Owning and maintaining control over your voice is a lot of hard work. No-one makes it easy and everyone wants a piece of of you.

Nevertheless, I'm still going to try to post here, first.